November 16-18 at Gibney Dance NYC

Co-created by choreographer Shamel Pitts and visual artist/director Deville Cohen with original sound score by Sivan Daniel Jacobovitz



Menagerie, derived from the French word “menage,” is a strange or diverse collection of people or things in a household unit. Blurring the lines between Dance and Object Theater, choreographer Shamel Pitts and visual artist Deville Cohen explores the quixotic individuality of the six dancers in Gibney Dance Company. Inspired in part by Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie, Pitts and Cohen worked with a group of custom-built and readymade objects to exaggerate the collective labor of the performers. The movement was also designed and found to amplify their sense of self. Pitts and Cohen's creation shares the possibility of a space where each dancer can live and thrive inside this constructed environment, with the given collection of objects, while negotiating their individuality.

MENAGERIE is made for:
6 Dancers
5 Roses
4 Freedas
3 hundred Unicorns
2 Co-creators

Co-created by Shamel Pitts and Deville Cohen
Choreography by Shamel Pitts
Directed and objects by Deville Cohen
Original soundscore composed by Sivan Jacobovitz

Thank you to our partners at Artis for their support and for hosting: Menagerie: Performance Preview and Discussion on Nov 7 at 6:30 at Gibney, moderated by Ali Rosa-Salas.